Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage:

Reduce muscle tension, pain and anxiety and improve mobility and circulation with Swedish, Deep Tissue, gentle tractioning and/or stretching massage therapy techniques based on your informed consent of pressure and draping.

30 Min: $55.00

45 Min: $70.00

60 Min: $80.00

75 Min: $90.00

90 Min: $102.00

(Includes HST)


1 hour: $85 (Includes HST)

A wonderfully warm treatment of traditional Swedish Massage using heated Basalt Stones to increase circulation and relaxation to achy muscles and joints and rebalance the body’s energy centers. 

Basalt Stones from the Andes Mountains are most suitable in this treatment for their ultra smooth texture and heat-retaining qualities.  Their inherent magnetic field helps to rebalance the body’s energy centers.  All of the earth’s elements participate in the continuous, natural formation of the stones, giving them their unique texture, shape and mineral content.

The application of heat to the body causes blood vessels to expand and dilate, resulting in increased circulation, metabolism as well as pain relief in the muscle tissue and joints.  A thorough health history is essential as some conditions such as extreme high blood pressure and diabetes may be unsafe for Hot Stone.

During treatment, the stones are heated in water and maintained at a temperature of 55-65 ° C.  They are cooled to the individual temperature tolerance of the client and never hotter than the therapist’s hands can tolerate.  The flat or edge surfaces are massaged  directly on the skin with only moderate pressure as their warmth brings depth to the treatment.  Body placement stones are separated by a sheet or towel, never placed directly on the skin.

This treatment is recommended only during the cooler months and is safe for pregnancy. 


1 hour: $80 (Includes HST)

Lie comfortably on your belly, even in third trimester, for a full back and leg massage on the Belly (pregnancy) Pillow from Know Your Body Best.


1 hour: $85 (Includes HST)

Full body massage with 100% natural essential oils beneficial for many physical and emotional conditions such as lavender for pain/relaxation and eucalyptus for congestion/stimulation. Many more oils available, please inquire. 


Only quality, skin conditioning oils are used for all treatments.


  • Cash, Cheque, e-transfer or direct insurance billing only.

  • Covered by most health insurance benefits

  • Gift Certificates available

  • Doctor’s referral not required

  • Duplicate receipt: $2.00

24-hour cancellation notice required.

A fee may be charged with less than 24-hr cancellation notice if there are other clients on the waitlist.